Check out this compilation video of songs that you can find at a typical Ninjas performance notice the vast array of styles and genres that we cover perfect for any event!

Rock and Roll is the core of the Ninjas sound here is a great example from our vast rock catalogue and crowd favorite GNR's "sweet child o'mine" 

Ninjas performing acoustically as a duo see the versitility the ninjas can bring to your next event

Ninjas are always innovating see some of the new songs that we are adding to our sets! Motown classics from Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder

Ninjas are no strangers to the festival circuit here on Long Island here is a performance from the Alive after 5 festival in Patchogue at the Aroogas Stage

Ninjas are no strangers to the larger venues on Long Island here is a featured performance at 89 North in Patchogue considered by most to be the best live music venue on Long Island